Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Some Book Reviews...

I started reading "Fifty Shades of Gray". 
Apparently everyone is talking about it (as it shows in the image) so I said , hey why not. I'm actually listening to the audio version, not actually reading it (which is annoying, the narrator sounds like a valley girl). I'm not that far yet, but from the starts of it my initial thought is, "are all love stories this cheesey?" Besides the fact that apparently this is a re-imagined story of Bella and Edward from the Twilight series...with more adult themes.

I have read quite a few "trashy" romance novels and its the same thing, why are they so cheesey? Is this really how girls think and this is definitely not how real men talk, at least I haven't met any and I know, this is probably the point, for women to delve into the fantasy of the "perfect man". Listening to this has somewhat inspired me to write a real life love story...but maybe another day. It kind of makes me laugh, but I hear this book trilogy is pretty good and steamy, so I will continue the story. I'll have a follow up when I finish book one.

Of course, like the rest of the country I recently re-read the Hunger Games Trilogy. 
I also saw the first movie. I love, love, loved the books and have re-read the first book right before the movie, the movie disappointed me, a lot. I wanted more. I felt like it was the book on fast forward. Don't get me wrong, I understand that movies would be 7 hours long if they put in every detail of the movie, but I felt that if I hadn't read the book, I would have been UBER confused. They barely even introduced some of the characters... With that said, it was an overall good movie and I would definitely recommend the books and the movie to everyone over the age of 13.

"The Night Circus" is a book I highly recommend to people who like fantasy, magic, whimsy and twists and turns. Oh and maybe if you like being confused until the end. I loved this book! It fits into the popular fantasy/magic/creature/circus theme that everyone is into right now but its different and very unique. I actually wish they would make a movie, I think it would be interesting to see how they would interpret some things. 
The book is about a dual that needs to happen between 2 "magicians". In the background of the story is the Night Circus and its followers and workers. It's a circus that is only open at night and disappears and reappears without notice. The story is kind of confusing with a lot of characters and a lot of different points of views but in the end it ties it all together for a very rewarding read.

Finally, my brother told me I need to read this book... "Food Rules". 
I guess this will make me only want to eat real food...and by real I mean food where you know what most of the ingredients are on the nutrition information. He told me I needed to read this after I asked him why he wasn't putting Cool Whip on his dessert the other night. "Have you read the ingredients on Cool Whip? Thats not real food". This is when he gave me the book to read. With my recent Weight Watchers and healthy eating venture I say, why not. So I plan on reading this soon...scary.

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